Our dogs are happiest in our home, or in the home of a loving family who dotes on them, and takes care of their needs. Here at Doodles & Doxies, we take great care in choosing the homes that will represent who we are and our core values for breeding healthy and happy family companions. You are a reflection of Doodles & Doxies, and without you, we couldn't do what we do!

A guardian contract needs communication and trust. We trust that you will work with us, be kind to our animals, and love them as we would. 



Breed: standard F2 Goldendoodle

Color: Creamy Apricot

Hair: low shed, high curl

Weight: 45 lbs

Contract: 2.5 years remaining. 


Temperament: Goofy and sweet, easy to settle, eager to please. Willing to get dirty if you are or lounge around with you if you choose. 


Breed: F1B Reverse Sheepadoodle

Color: Black or Silver and White

Hair type: slightly wavy, Soft, no shedding

Weight: 45lbs

Contract: 5 litters 

Temperament: shy and quiet, easy to please, wants to with humans. Prefers humans over other dogs. 



Breed: F1 Irishdoodle

Color: Mahogany Red

Hair type: Silky, soft curls, no shedding

Weight: 50 lbs

Contract: 5 litters

Temperament: Loves adventure, a little bit of a Houdini in getting out of our fenced Play area! ;) (Likes to jump it when she wants to be with us instead of dogs!) Great as a single dog home. Loves attention. Loves to cuddle. 


Breed: F1 Goldendoodle

Color: Apricot

Hair type: Wavy, thick, slightly sheds when bathed or brushed. 

Weight: 50 lbs 




Breed: Purebred standard Poodle 

Color: Deep Red

Hair Type: high curl, non shedding

Weight: 57 lbs 

Temperament: Life of the party, lots of energy as we are still in the first 2 years of puppyhood! He will play for as long as you let him. He’s smart as a whip, trains easily, and wants nothing more than to make you happy. 

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