Current Litters

We have created this quick access page for you to see all our available pups at a glance. Please click on the name of the parents under each pup to view that litter's page for more information. We do require application approval before assigning your pup to you, so don't forget to apply! These pups are available to go home at any time after you are approvedWe can use your preferences to help guide you to the best candidate if needed.


F2B Standard Goldendoodle



F2B Standard Goldendoodle



F2B Standard Goldendoodle



F1 Medium Bernedoodle



AKC Golden Retriever



AKC Golden Retriever



F2B Standard Goldendoodle



AKC Golden Retriever



F2B Standard Goldendoodle



AKC Golden Retriever



F1bb Medium Goldendoodle


Current Litters

Any litters listed below are currently being raised, and will have their "Go Home" date reflected. We have kept them grouped by litter, so click on the name of the Parents to go to their litter page


AKC Golden Retriever

Mini Bernedoodles

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AKC Golden Retriever

Medium Bernedoodles

image coming soon.jpg

AKC Golden Retriever

Medium Sheepadoodles

We do our best to update our website with all the pics we take. However, you can always join our Facebook Page to see all the newest updates!

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7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies picked up or hand-delivered by our puppy nanny outside the state of OH.


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About Us

We have true love and long-standing passion for the Goldendoodle breed. Having bred Goldendoodles and Long Hair Dachshunds since 2019, we have seen our beloved pups join many beautiful families, bringing much joy to their lives.

As devoted doodle breeders, the needs of our dogs at the forefront of our breeding program. Puppies are only sold to approved individuals and families.


Before adopting one of our beautiful Goldendoodles, we encourage you to learn about this exquisite breed. Our aim is to help you find the perfect Doodle companion and to share in the happiness and rewards only Goldendoodles can provide.


Standard Goldendoodle Information

The Standard Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross between the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. Such medium to large-sized dogs possess a moderate energy level and may reach anywhere between 40 to 75 lbs. The coat can be soft and curly or shaggy with minimal shedding. 


Owing to the low shed of hair, Goldendoodles are considered hypoallergenic and suitable for those who suffer from pet allergies. Doodles have become exceptionally popular due to their aloofness, friendliness, and unconditional love for their families.


Miniature Dachshund Information

Our Miniature Dachshunds can be short hair or long hair, depending on the genetics shared by our parents. Both are prone to shedding, as any other short or long hair breed. Dachshunds are lapdogs by nature. They cling to one owner, and are fiercely loyal. They are more stubborn, and require more patience during the puppy process when crate training and potty training. We encourage you to take advantage of our Puppy Preschool Program if you are new to training a puppy!

They make up for their stubbornness with their snuggly nature. It's definitely therapeutic to have one or two on your lap at the end of a long workday!


Unique Colors and Patterns

Goldendoodles are available in a variety of stunning coat shades and patterns. You will find  Doodles in solid apricot and beige to chocolate, phantoms, merle, partis, sables, and combinations of these interesting colors. Our breeding program focuses on Apricot/Red. 

Dachshunds are also known for having a variety of options within a litter. We focus on Chocolates, but have plans for dapple, creams, and piebalds!

How to Care For Your Doodle

The Standard Goldendoodle is intelligent and should be exercised regularly to curb energy. Goldendoodles love going for long walks, which provide the benefits of structure, stimulation, and leadership.

The curly to wavy coat does not shed frequently. It is easily kept clean with a regular groom. Goldendoodles are generally healthy dogs with a life expectancy of between 10 to 15 years.

If you are looking for a dog with minimal coat shedding or you suffer from allergies, the Goldendoodle could be the breed for you. Our dogs are bred with a low to no shedding coat, and different moms offer different coats. 


Simply contact us to help you find the best combination for your needs.

Caring For Your New Puppy

Bringing your puppy home is exciting but can also be overwhelming for your new family member. We provide a puppy go-home pack, including information on crate training, food selection, ear infections, and managing allergies in dogs.

Goldendoodle puppies are incredibly sweet and cute that will leave you feeling like breaking all the rules of basic obedience. While they can be the best snuggle buddy, it is important to establish boundaries inside and outside of your home. 

Our Adoption Process

Once you have decided that a Standard Goldendoodle is the right breed for you, simply ask us about available & upcoming litters. 

Please do not place a deposit unless your puppy application is accepted. We will try to thoroughly and fairly evaluate your puppy application within four to five days. We will respond with a detailed answer that will essentially be "yes," "no," or "wait." We're presently able to accept deposits from almost 60% of those who want a doodle or Dachshund puppy from us. Each year it seems like we have to be more picky in which applications we can accept as we are continually flooded with puppy applications.

​We are not a big facility. All of our dogs live in our home, or in the home of qualified Guardians who have committed to raising and caring for them as if they were our own. We only have a limited amount of litters each year. Quality over quantity is what drives our program.


Adopting a little Goldendoodle puppy is truly exciting. To help you and your new puppy adjust, we have partnered with “Baxter & Bella”, an online training program that sticks with you for the LIFE of your puppy! With the guidance of Baxter & Bella, new pups are introduced to various stimuli in a safe environment. This helps build their confidence before leaving for their new homes. A unique puppy training program encourages potty, leash, and crate training. You can use our code "Doodles & Doxies" to receive 25% off their one time fee!

We emphasize the importance of client support, caring for the well-being of your dogs, and ensuring that all health tests and vet checks are up to date.

How To Pick Your New Furry Companion

Choosing a new pet is a major responsibility. We encourage our clients to join the waitlist, and observe the puppies until the seven week mark. We do our best to put out the most accurate information as to the temperament and characteristics that each puppy is developing. 

When the time comes for you to choose your puppy, we hope that you will look at their temperament first. Decide what temperament you want in your home. Are you an active family with lots of outdoor activities planned? Are you a quiet family, with a settled life? Do you fall somewhere in between? Choose a puppy that fits YOUR activity level. 


The Costs of a Doodle Puppy

Goldendoodle puppies are simply adorable! With their teddy looks and sweet disposition, they remain sought-after family companions.

As research can show, a Goldendoodle puppy can range anywhere from $1700 for a Standard Doodle up to $4000 for a Mini Goldendoodle. Any less usually implies a different kind of breeder. 

Our adult dogs and puppies undergo vigorous vet checks, health, and genetic testing. We provide the best quality food along with exceptional care, keeping owners updated on their progress until “Gotcha Day”. But our communication doesn't stop there! We take pride in keeping up with EACH and every litter that we raise, and always encourage our families to stay in contact with a text group chat set up for each litter! We love the "Pup"-dates!