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Breed: Miniature Dachshund

AKC Registered

Color: Chocolate/Tan/White

Hair: Longhair, medium shed

Weight: 12 lbs

Temperament: Goofy and sweet, easy to settle, eager to please. Willing to get dirty if you are or lounge around with you if you choose.

Coco was tested and cleared of all genetic diseases by Paw Print Genetics.



Breed: Miniature Dachshund

AKC Registered

Color: Deep Red

Hair type: Longhair, Low shed 

Weight: 9.5 lbs

Temperament: shy and quiet, a true princess by nature! Regal,

doesn’t like to get her paws dirty. Carries herself with class and has a true retriever’s

gentleness about her.



Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Color: Chocolate Tan Dapple

Hair type: Shorthair

Weight: 13 lbs

Temperament: Fiesty. Ears NEVER stay in place, they are always flopped backwards as she runs from place to place. But she's the ONLY dachshund we have that stays put in bed, and is actually grumbly in the morning when everyone else is up and running when we get up! She loves a lap to lay in and makes us laugh with her crazy antics!



Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Color: Chocolate Tan Dapple

Hair type: Longhair, Moderate shed

Temperament: Adores her humans, big and small. Loves to sleep in our room, tail never stops wagging, and she's super sensitive and eager to please. Melts into us and is super affectionate!



Breed: Mini Dachshund

Color: Shaded Red, brown based.

Coat: Longhair

Weight: 13 lbs

Temperament: A natural leader, she is quick to take charge of the activities. She actually tries to "herd" the other dachshunds into doing what she wants to do! Active, always on the go until she crashes in our lap.


IMG_1025 2.JPG

Breed: Mini Dachshund

Color: Black & Tan

Hair type: Velvety short hair

Weight: 10 lbs

Temperament: We would have said fiesty at first, but she has settled into a very even temperament who loves to snuggle! She was quick to house train at night, and once she is tucked into the covers she doesn't move! lol She's quickly turned into our most cuddly doxie!


IMG_2034 2.heic

Breed: Mini Dachshund

Color: Dapple Piebald 

Hair type: Longhair

Weight: 10 lbs

Temperament: Patches is our quiet one. A little reserved, and working on her confidence, she's a lover who needs to be skin to skin at all times. Our little shadow!

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