Rizzo + Copper

Litter born: April 21, 2021

Order of Birth:

1. Light Blue Boy

2.Light Green Boy

3. Purple Girl

4. Pink Girl

5. Red Boy

6. Dark Green Boy

7. Orange  Boy

8. Yellow  Boy

9. Red/White Boy

10. Mustard Boy

Puppy Picking Day: June 5

Gotcha Day: June 19

Mustard Boy ("buster") is the only available puppy at this time. 


Mustard Boy

"Buster" is our Mustard Boy from Rizzo's litter. At 6 weeks old, right before puppy picking, he developed Puppy Strangles, an immune system reaction to unknown trigger. Puppy strangles is also known as "Juvenile Cellulitis", and is commonly seen in the Golden Retriever breed. It's not something that has been proven as a hereditary condition. It is commonly linked to be a reaction to their immune system not being able to keep up with their 6 week growth spurt. He has been treated, and is already on the LOWEST dose of his tapered steroid, which will be completed 7/23.  Our vet has seen him every 2 weeks, and feels confident that Buster is in excellent health, and ready to go home now! He is up to date on his puppy shots, completed at 8 weeks, and 12 weeks old. Please submit your application if you wish to be considered for his future home. 


We didn't want to waste the time he is spending with us, so we have been training him with our Puppy Preschool Program. (A $2000 Value) He can sleep through the night in his crate with no accidents. He can enter his crate with the simple command, "Get in your crate". He knows how to sit, and is doing well with "Stay". He loves to fetch, and cuddle when he is worn out from wrestling!

His coat is a soft wavy texture, and he will have the tousled look just like Rizzo! 

We plan to start teaching him the other commands in our top their Puppy Package if he continues to live with us, while we wait for his new family. 

7.5 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies picked up or hand-delivered by our puppy nanny outside the state of OH.