Our dogs are happiest in our home, or in the home of a loving family who dotes on them, and takes care of their needs. Here at Doodles & Doxies, we take great care in choosing the homes that will represent who we are and our core values for breeding healthy and happy family companions. You are a reflection of Doodles & Doxies, and without you, we couldn't do what we do!

A guardian contract needs communication and trust. We trust that you will work with us, be kind to our animals, and love them as we would. 


Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Color: Red

Hair: Longhair, silky

Weight: 9 lbs

Contract: 3 litters


Temperament: Quiet and sweet, submission and offers her belly for rubs to anyone who asks! A follower, a sweet and gentle soul.


Ginger found her guardian home in Westerville, OH 



Breed: F1B Reverse Sheepadoodle (67% Sheepdog)

Color: Peppered Black and White

Hair: NO shed, silky, gentle curl

Weight: 55 lbs

Contract: 3 litters


Temperament: Goofy and sweet, quiet for the family, but guarddog through and through for the property!  Willing to get dirty if you are or lounge around with you if you choose. Loves to be with her humans. 


Breed: F1 Irishdoodle

Color: Mahogany Red

Hair type: Silky, soft curls, no shedding

Weight: 50 lbs

Contract: 3 litters

Temperament: Loves adventure, a little bit of a Houdini in getting out of our fenced Play area! ;) (Likes to jump it when she wants to be with us instead of dogs!) Great as a single dog home. Loves attention. Loves to cuddle. 



Breed: Miniature Dachshund, AKC Registered

Color: Chocolate Dapple

Hair type: Shorthair

Weight: 9 lbs

Contract: 4 litters 

Temperament: Fiesty, fiercely loyal to her humans, and quick! Her favorite spot to plant kisses is your ear canal! lol. 


Breed: DoubleDoodle (half Labradoodle, half Goldendoodle)

Color: Chocolate Brown

Hair Type: wavy, mild shedding

Weight: 60 lbs adult weight

Temperament: Life of the party, lots of energy, loves to chew. Gets your attention with her sharp teeth, and very motivated to learn the right way to behave. Fun loving, tail never stops wagging.