Our Dachshunds come from AKC and CKC backgrounds. We hand select based on quality of genes, temperament, and body structure. We prefer to specialize in “Chocolate” dachshunds, but there’s an old saying that dachshund litters are “like a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re gonna get!” Part of our fun is a surprise color every now and then! We added Cream and Red to our lines, and even threw in a gorgeous Dapple! 




Breed: Miniature Dachshund

AKC & CKC Registered

Color: chocolate and tan Dapple

Hair: short hair, low shedding 

Weight: 10 lbs 

Temperament: Happy Go lucky, lots of zooming around our house! Loves her "mama" (Jennifer) and likes to be in charge of the other Doxies her age. Plays with any dog, happy just to wrestle around, and then crash in your lap. 


Breed: Miniature Dachshund

AKC Registered

Color: chocolate and tan

Hair: long hair, low shedding 

Weight: 10 lbs 

Temperament: Quiet, happy to be in her kennel for down time, but MUST be on my lap if I’m anywhere in the house. She’s by my side at night, first one in the covers. She melts into me when I pick her up. She loves fiercely and makes no apology for choosing me over any other four legged friend. 

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Breed: Miniature Dachshund

AKC Registered

Color: Red/American Cream

Hair: long hair, low shedding 

Adult Weight: 10 lbs 

Temperament: Easy Going, a People Pleaser. very quiet, lets everyone else do the talking, and stays out of trouble that way! Sweet, knows no stranger, and will come up to anyone if they are nice to her. 



Breed: Miniature Dachshund 

CKC Registered

Color: tri-color chocolate tan white

Hair: long hair, low shedding

Weight: 10lbs 

Temperament: Sweet as can be. Follows me around the room. Mourns my absence, and is overjoyed when I’m able to hang with him again. Feisty with the other dogs, an ankle nipper to the big ones, and loves to wrestle with dogs 5xs his size. Backs off quickly when they are tired of his antics, and is quick to offer his condolences if he offended. 

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