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Trudy + Wally

F1BB Mini Bernedoodles

General Info:

  • Mini Size: 20-35 lbs

  • Chocolate based Phantom, Tricolor, and Tricolor Parti

  • Birth Date: Sept 24, 2022

  • Adoption Day: November 19, 2022

Theme: "Dog" Country Singers


Tricolor Parti 
REDUCED: $2200


Garth is a super sweet and loving mini Bernedoodle full of love and joy. He hops around like a bunny trying to make you laugh, and loves to cuddle or seek your love and adoration. He has struggled with crates, and they make him anxious... which slows down his training. We have recently allowed him to sleep in our room, in a little "office" nook, and he is accident free on a dog bed for the entire night!! We recommend this method going forward. He would be best in a home where a crate is not necessary, and would LOVE some four legged companionship! He loves dogs, kids...really everything!

He is fully house trained due to his utter detest for being crated at all during the day. We keep him out and about with us and with supervision we can keep letting him out when we see that he needs to go!

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies picked up or hand-delivered by our puppy nanny outside the state of OH.

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