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Somos un programa estricto solo para mascotas (se requiere esterilización o castración). Ocasionalmente trabajamos con otros criadores que se alinean con nuestras prácticas, así que comuníquese si está interesado en los derechos de reproducción por una tarifa adicional. 

+$200 for Females

Solids: (No other Markings)

Red/Apricot/Cream:   $2700                                   

Chocolate:                   $2800                            


Abstract (Little marks of white on Solid)

Black Abstract:                           $2700                   

Red/Apricot/Cream Abstract:  $2800                  

Chocolate Abstract:                  $2900                             

Phantom (Tan Points on Solid Color)

Phantom (Black/Tan):             $2800                     

Phantom (Chocolate/Tan):    $2900                  

Tricolor: (Phantom + White Markings)

Black Tricolor:           $3100                             

Chocolate Tricolor:  $3300                


Merle: (Mixed colors on the Black or Chocolate)

Red/Apricot/Cream Merle     $3100               

Black/Chocolate Merle:         $3200               

BLack/Chocolate PHANTOM Merle: $3300


Parti: (50% or more White,

Also includes "Tuxedo" or "Extreme")

Black Parti:                                         $2800     

Red/Apricot/Cream Parti:                $2800      

Chocolate Parti:                                $3000       

Black or Chocolate Tricolor Parti:    $3100     

Merle Parti:                                        $3200            

Se aplica un impuesto sobre las ventas del 7,25 % a todos los cachorros recogidos en el estado de Ohio. El impuesto sobre las ventas no se aplica a los cachorros recogidos o entregados en mano por nuestra niñera de cachorros fuera del estado de OH.

Cachorros Disponibles

Here are the current options we have if you are looking for a Goldendoodle. Click the button to view the litter and what pups you can choose.


Zoey + Rusty Minis

Camadas Actuales

Goldendoodles are a fantastic choice for families looking for a new furry friend. They are known for being friendly, affectionate, and easy to train, making them a great fit for households with children or strangers. Additionally, their intelligence and variety of coat options make them a versatile and attractive option for any family.

It's important to note that any Doodle mix has the potential for shedding if the breeder is not careful with the genetics they are using. Additionally, if more Poodle is involved in the mix, there is a chance that the dog may have a bit more energy. However, with proper breeding and care, Doodle mixes can make wonderful and low-shedding pets for families.

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