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Maggie + Bruto

Our dogs are  happiest in our home, or in the home of a loving family who dotes on them, and takes care of their needs. Here at Doodles & Doxies, we take great care in choosing the homes that will represent who we are and our core values for breeding healthy and happy family companions. You are a reflection of Doodles & Doxies, and without you, we couldn't do what we do!

A Guardian Family Relationship needs communication and trust. We trust that you will work with us, be kind to our animals, and love them as we would. We trust that you will care for their basic needs and keep their health optimal, as you would any pet in your home. 

Behavioral Facts about Guardian Dogs: 


When being a guardian home, our males must remain unfixed and ready when our females go into heat. For our males, we recommend homes where there are no other unfixed male or females. There is always the "risk" of some behavior associated with unfixed males, worth mentioning: humping, submissive peeing, marking, and whining if he senses a girl in heat in close proximity. We find that using a male belly band helps when in the house. And not all males do these behaviors, however it's hard to know as puppies if or when they develop. Marking is usually not an issue if the male has no "competition" in his home, or other females that he feels he needs to impress.


When our girls go into heat and your male is needed, we will work out pickup/delivery within 1 week of him being needed. He will stay at our house for up to 2 weeks, giving our girls plenty of time without rushing. Once the girls have finished their window of accepting the male, we will return him to you. During that time we also take him to the vet to have his overall health checked and cleared. :) 


For our females, we look for homes where there are no unfixed males or females. We do prefer having another fixed male or female in the home as he/she can help you be an "alert" when our female is coming into heat. Female heats are usually light, and easy to handle with doggy diapers. They last up to 3 weeks. For the safety of our girls going through their FIRST heat, we prefer they go through it with you, rather than at our place with males around. For any other heats, we will work out travel arrangements so that they are here with us, no mess for you!

Once a female is bred, she is returned to you for her 2 month pregnancy. Extra attention and care is needed throughout pregnancy, like food and a daily vitamin. Girls can be moody, similar to human moms to be! :) We stay in communication with you, listening for your feedback if she is presenting pregnancy symptoms during this time. 

We schedule a day (usually around Day 50 from breeding) where we will come get her or meet you, and she will have a week or 2 to settle back into our home. She'll have her puppies and stay with us for 6 weeks after birth. :) You're welcome to come visit on the weekends to play with her and her puppies! We will have her checked by our vet to make sure she is healthy and ready to go home, then work out getting her back to your loving home!

Perks to Partnering with our Guardian Dog Program

  • We provide the PICK of the litter to you. They come health tested and cleared for our Breeding Program.         

  • We do have an upfront retainer fee for our Guardian Dogs, but it's a fraction of their Pet price. This gets applied to them as their "pet fee" if the decision is made to remove them from the Program before their obligations are fulfilled. Otherwise, this retainer fee is returned back to you IN FULL when their contract is completed. 

  • We offer Discounted Boarding rates for our dogs when you need to go out of town. You also get priority over Boarding clients from our community.       

  • When their contract is complete, their Spay/Neuter Surgery is scheduled and paid by Doodles and Doxies. 

  • We offer a "Thank you" gift of $100/each pup your Guardian delivers that we raise and send home.  

  • We cover their annual vaccines/well check exam if our Guardian Dog is kept at our local vet. 

  • You receive a 10% discount on the TLC Dog Food, when it is shipped directly to you. 

  • We offer up to a $500 incentive to complete training and pass the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Test ($250) and AKC Canine Good Citizen Text ($250). You can register your puppy for Puppy classes: AKC GOOD CITIZEN TRAINING COURSES

Our Guardian Doodles

Our Guardian Dachshunds

Se aplica un impuesto sobre las ventas del 7,5 % a todos los cachorros recogidos en el estado de Ohio. El impuesto sobre las ventas no se aplica a los cachorros recogidos o entregados en mano por nuestra niñera de cachorros fuera del estado de OH.

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