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Medium Goldendoodles? Yes, Please!

For almost 5 years, we at Doodles and Doxies have been carefully planning and creating our Standard Goldendoodles, using the best stud in Ohio (in our opinion), Copper! ;) Our Red/Apricot Goldendoodles from him grow to be 60-75 lbs, with the occasional BIGGER dog at 80+lbs! We love his temperament, and we personally LOVE big dogs. We have had GREAT

However, with today's market, many clients that find us are from all over the United States of America. We have flown more puppies this past year than ever before. With that expanding opportunity comes some challenges. Copper's pups are so big that they cannot fly if they are past 10 weeks old. Since we offer training up to 12 weeks old for an additional package fee, we wanted to make sure that we could KEEP them here and still fly!

Starting in 2021, this became one of our focus points. We decided to add Rusty, our Red Moyen Poodle, to the pack, in hopes of creating the same look but smaller.

We also have Toby, our GORGEOUS Tricolor Poodle, who is an excellent sire and has produced some beautiful puppies with striking markings, and a gorgeous creeping tan that is fun to watch!

When Zoey was due for a heat, we already knew that we wanted to scale down in size. We felt Toby was the best fit for her, and we are happy to say we are NOT disappointed! Zoey gave birth to 5 gorgeous puppies!

We'd like to introduce our first ever litter of MEDIUM Goldendoodles! These pups will range in size between 40-55lbs, making them big enough to play with but small enough to not overpower! Big enough to be independent but small enough to sit in your lap or on your couch! Big personalities in a slightly smaller body!

We have 1 Girl (Belle) and 4 boys.

Belle: Parti (Black and White) Girl

Gaston: Solid Black, biggest so far.

LeFou: Black and Tan

Lumiere: Parti (Black and White) Girl

Cogsworth: Tri-color Boy (Black, tan & white)

We are in love with these CURLY babies, and we know you will be, too! For more information on how to claim one for your very own, please message us!

-Jennifer Taylor

"Doodles & Doxies



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