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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that to the best of our knowledge that your puppy is free of diseases, congenital, and genetic defects. We will not knowingly breed or sell puppies from parents that have a known hereditary deficiency.

We further guarantee that an excessive effort is made to keep the puppy healthy and the living facilities clean. We guarantee your puppy until age one against any life threatening or significant quality of life altering, congenital or genetic birth defect. We feel so strongly in our program, we even offer to extend your health guarantee to two years if you will continue your pup on the vitamin we start with them to help build their immune system. (Nuvet Vitamin)

At their first check up with us, our Veterinarian examines their ears, eyes, teeth, bite, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, knees, hips, range of motion of joints, bone structure and overall health. Your puppy will be up-to-date on shots and will have been on a complete de-worming schedule and will have a fecal exam to insure there are no worms present. 


We do NOT guarantee against Giardia or Coccidia, commonly occurring microbial parasites in dogs and are known to be brought on by stress and passed by healthy adult carriers. If these are found during our fecal sample, we are happy to treat them with the recommended dewormer and prescribed "Metronidazole", and will send home documentation from the vet stating your pup was seen and treated. Giardia can show up in a test for up to 6 weeks after treatment, even though your pup may show no signs of being affected. A lab result is needed to determine if your pup has an active case or not. Giardia tests are sensitive, even flagging dead cysts as "positive" and our vet says it's extremely common. They only treat it if loose stool is present. Otherwise, the immune system will fight it off eventually. 

We recommend that you have you puppy health checked by your Veterinarian, within 5 days of pickup, to confirm the health of your puppy.


Pet Allergies?

Are pet allergies a concern? Do you want to see if you would have a reaction before you adopt? Now you can!


Before you adopt any puppy with us you get to meet the puppy but meeting the puppy isn’t always an accurate test for your allergies. While you may not have a reaction to the puppy, at the puppy showing, you may have a reaction to the parent dog the puppy has been with.

To get the most accurate reaction, we’re now offering a T-shirt allergy test.

The cost is $75 with free OVERNIGHT shipping! We send you a t-shirt that has been exposed to the dander and saliva of a puppy and mother in the generation or litter you’re interested in. We mail this shirt to you for you or your loved one to wear. This exposure should trigger allergic reactions, should you have any, to our puppies.

Message me to order a T-shirt test today!


Reservation List

A $200 non-refundable reservation fee is required to hold a spot on any future litter of your choice. This deposit can be transferable to another litter if the litter you originally decided on does not end up having the gender or color you were hoping for. Please keep in mind that there are circumstances where a litter won't have enough puppies for everyone on the list. You agree to these terms when you decide to submit your deposit. We make EVERY effort to work with you and make sure you are aware of your options with each litter. 

Deposits can be made through the SECURE checkout process of We are proud to be members of their site. Their selective interview process gives our clients the confidence of knowing that we had to submit PROOF of genetic health testing before being approved to post! They offer to accept payments and PROTECT your payment, offering a refund if you do not receive a puppy from us! You can make your deposit payment or even the full puppy payment here. NO other financial institution or electronic payment option provides protection to both seller and buyer. 

When a litter arrives, I will send a picture of the newborn litter identifying the parents and newborn males and females to everyone on that litter's Wait List. I will let you know the exact pickup date for the pups and will call/contact you in the order that your deposit came in. For example, if one of our moms has 6 puppies, I will send the newborn pictures to the first 6 families on the Wait list.

I will ask you 2 questions:

1. Will the pick up date work for you? 

2. Do you want a male or female? I will let you know where you’d be sitting for choosing a pup of a specific gender. THE INDIVIDUAL PUPS ARE NOT SELECTED UNTIL THEY ARE 5 WEEKS OLD. You won’t be selecting one at birth. Only the gender is decided at that point.

**We do reserve the right to allow picking sooner or later, as situations seem fit, and will alert the waitlist. 

Please note, transferring to another litter means you take the next available spot on the next litter of your choice, regardless of what spot you held on the previous litter. 


Puppy Selection Day

In most cases, buyers on our wait list do not pick their puppy until puppies are at least 5 weeks old. During this 5 week period, we encourage you to stay active on our Facebook group or Instagram so you can see how the puppies are developing and their different personalities starting to come through. We are always willing to scheduled personalized FaceTime or Live Video Chats, based on our schedule. 

On Puppy Selection Day, we go in order starting with #1 Pick for boy and girl. We are always happy to help guide you in the direction for the best fit for YOUR family if requested.

Once you have selected your puppy that day, another fee of $300.00 is required to secure your puppy until the day they go home with you. This will be a total of $500 in non refundable deposits that will go towards the final price of your puppy. The remainder of the puppy's balance will be due in Cash on pick up day. We also offer GoodDog as the only electronic option of payment. If your pup is flying, we have Delivery Options, and Delivery needs to be finalized 3 weeks prior to pick up. If you are having your puppy flown or delivered to you, your balance is due in FULL through GoodDog the day before your puppy travels. 

Delivery Fee

   By Flight: IF WE fly with our puppy: $350 for the day, plus round trip airfare and the $125 pet fee charged by the airline. 

**$100 Discount if we can add another puppy family to this trip. FREE addition if you are purchasing 2 pups. 

If we use our Flight Nanny: $50 to meet him at the airport, and his FLAT RATE price is typically $600 for East and Central, $700 for Midwest, and $800 for West Coast. I've never see him quote more than those prices per region. Sometimes it's LESS. This is ALL INCLUSIVE, covering his service fee in addition to the airfare and pet fee. 

By Ground: $1.00/mile roundtrip

**Discounted delivery if another dog is added: $.70/mile


Puppy Preschool

Our Puppy Preschool Program covers everything your puppy should be introduced to as habits in the first 4 weeks of having your new puppy at home. Our #1 goal is to eliminate the worst of your puppy's potty and crate training. Obedience cues are introduced using positive methods to teach your puppy to love training and listening to you!


Please be aware that NO puppy is ready for 100% accident proof expectations at 12 weeks old. At this point in your puppy's life, what they ARE ready for is a schedule. And the consistency you have with them will start here with us! Our Dachshunds NEED this consistency and will STILL need it after 12 weeks. Our Doodles are *Usually* fully crate trained by 12 weeks old with our methods. There's always 1 or 2 that prove us wrong and still need time!

Our Puppy Preschool Program is available in 3 affordable packages to allow you to customize the training based on your budget. Click the button below to learn more about the options available to you. 

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