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Mini Dachshund Pricing

+$200 for females

We are a strict pet only (spay or neuter required) program.

Our contract is solid, with penalty fees associated with neglect to show documentation of spay and neuter by 1 year old, or by 18 months if approved with your vet.  We do occasionally work with other breeders that line up with our ideology and practices, so please reach out if you are interested in breeding rights and/or mentorship for an additional fee. 

Solids: (No other Markings)

Red: $2600

Shaded Red or Chocolate: $2700

 Cream: $3000

Shaded Cream:$3100

Abstract (Little marks of white on Solid)

Black or Red Abstract: $2700

Shaded Red or Chocolate Abstract: $2800

Cream Abstract: $3000

Shaded Cream Abstract: $3100

Pointed: (Tan or Cream Feet on Solid Color)

Black/Tan: $2700


Chocolate/Tan: $2800

Chocolate/Cream: $2900

Pointed + Abstract White Markings)

Black Tan White: $2800

Chocolate Tan White: $2900

Dapple: (Mixed colors on the Black or Chocolate)

Black or Chocolate Dapple: $2900

Black or Chocolate TAN Pointed Dapple: $3000

Black or Chocolate CREAM pointed Dapple: $3100


Piebald: (50% or more White

 can also be "Extreme Piebald")

Red/Apricot Piebald: $2800

Black Tan Piebald: $2800

Chocolate Tan Piebald: $2900

Shaded Red or Cream Piebald: $3100

Dapple Piebald: $3100

Cream Piebald: $3100

+$200 for females

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies delivered outside the state of OH.

Current Litters

We usually have 1-2 litters of dachshunds at the same time! Click the buttons below to check out who is available now, or who we are currently raising that you can claim!


Patches + Buckeye:


Coco + Pickles
Short and Longhair

Is a Dachshund Right for You?

Looking for the perfect companion dog? Look no further than Mini Dachshunds! These small pups are easy to travel with and make great flight companions, weighing in at under 15lbs. They are loyal snuggle buddies who will protect their human at all costs, but be sure to socialize them properly to avoid reactivity towards strangers and children.

Dachshunds are a unique breed that require special attention to their physical structure. As a responsible owner, it's important to "Doxie Proof" your home to ensure their safety and comfort. This includes providing ramps and alternatives to stairs. Additionally, establishing proper eating habits and healthcare routines can help prolong the health and longevity of your Mini Dachshund

Click below to go to our planned litters for 2024

We do our best to update our website with all the pics we take. However, you can always join our Facebook Page or click below to follow us on Instagram to see all the newest updates!

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