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Sheepadoodle Pricing:

We are a strict pet only (spay or neuter required) program.

Our contract is solid, with penalty fees associated with neglect to show documentation of spay and neuter by 1 year old, or by 18 months if approved with your vet.  We do occasionally work with other breeders that line up with our ideology and practices, so please reach out if you are interested in breeding rights and/or mentorship for an additional fee. 

+$200 for Females

Solids: (No other Markings)

Red/Apricot/Cream:   $2700                                   

Chocolate:                   $2800                            


Abstract (Little marks of white on Solid)

Black Abstract:                           $2700                   

Red/Apricot/Cream Abstract:  $2800                  

Chocolate Abstract:                  $2900                             

Phantom (Tan Points on Solid Color)

Phantom (Black/Tan):             $2800                     

Phantom (Chocolate/Tan):    $2900                  

Tricolor: (Phantom + White Markings)

Black Tricolor:           $3100                             

Chocolate Tricolor:  $3300                


Merle: (Mixed colors on the Black or Chocolate)

Red/Apricot/Cream Merle     $3100               

Black/Chocolate Merle:         $3200               

BLack/Chocolate PHANTOM Merle: $3300


Parti: (50% or more White,

Also includes "Tuxedo" or "Extreme")

Black Parti:                                         $2800     

Red/Apricot/Cream Parti:                $2800      

Chocolate Parti:                                $3000       

Black or Chocolate Tricolor Parti:    $3100     

Merle Parti:                                        $3200            

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies delivered outside the state of OH.

Current Litters

Here are the current options we have if you are looking for a Sheepadoodle. Click the button to view the litter and what pups you can choose.


Stella + Buck Mini Multigen


Quinn + Gus Mediums 

Is a Sheepadoodle right for you?

If you're looking for a furry companion that won't trigger allergies, Sheepadoodles are an excellent choice. These dogs are known for their loyalty and protective nature towards their family, and their fluffy, non-shedding coat is an added bonus. While they may be wary of strangers, they make up for it with their loving and affectionate personality towards their loved ones.

It's important to keep in mind that with any doodle mix, the percentage of poodle in the mix can greatly affect the dog's personality. In the case of mini Sheepadoodles, they tend to be more outgoing and fun-loving, with less of a protective nature than their larger counterparts. They also tend to have a bit more energy, making them a great choice for families who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Click below to go to our planned litters for 2024

We do our best to update our website with all the pics we take. However, you can always join our Facebook Page or click below to follow us on Instagram to see all the newest updates!

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