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+$200 for females

We are a strict pet only (spay or neuter required) program.

Our contract is solid, with penalty fees associated with neglect to show documentation of spay and neuter by 1 year old, or by 18 months if approved with your vet.  We do occasionally work with other breeders that line up with our ideology and practices, so please reach out if you are interested in breeding rights and/or mentorship for an additional fee. 

Mini Dachshunds

Solids: (No other Markings)

Red: $2600

Shaded Red or Chocolate: $2700

 Cream: $3000

Shaded Cream:$3100

Abstract (Little marks of white on Solid)

Black or Red Abstract: $2700

Shaded Red or Chocolate Abstract: $2800

Cream Abstract: $3000

Shaded Cream Abstract: $3100

Pointed: (Tan or Cream Feet on Solid Color)

Black/Tan: $2700


Chocolate/Tan: $2800

Chocolate/Cream: $2900

Pointed + Abstract White Markings)

Black Tan White: $2800

Chocolate Tan White: $2900

Dapple: (Mixed colors on the Black or Chocolate)

Black or Chocolate Dapple: $2900

Black or Chocolate TAN POINTED Dapple: $3000

Piebald: (50% or more White

 can also be "Extreme Piebald")

Red/Apricot Piebald: $2800

Black Tan Piebald: $2800

Chocolate Tan Piebald: $2900

Shaded Red or Cream Piebald: $3100

Dapple Piebald: $3100

Cream Piebald: $3100

All Doodles

Solids: (No other Markings)

Red/Apricot/Cream: $2700

Chocolate: $2800


Abstract (Little marks of white on Solid)

Black Abstract: $2700

Red/Apricot/Cream Abstract: $2800

Chocolate Abstract: $2900

Phantom (Tan Points on Solid Color)

Phantom (Black/Tan): $2800

Phantom (Chocolate/Tan): $2900


Tricolor: (Phantom + White Markings)

Black Tricolor: $3100

Chocolate Tricolor: $3300

Merle: (Mixed colors on the Black or Chocolate)

Red/Apricot/Cream Merle $3100

Black Merle: $3200

Chocolate Merle:$3200

Black or Chocolate PHANTOM Merle: $3200

Parti: (50% or more White,

Also includes "Tuxedo" or "Extreme")

Black Parti: $2800

Red/Apricot/Cream Parti:$2800

Chocolate Parti: $3100

Black Tricolor Parti: $3100

Chocolate Tricolor Parti: $3200

Merle Parti: $3200

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies delivered outside the state of OH.

What do we Offer?

These are the breeds we are currently raising. Click the picture to be taken to the litters we have available within that breed









Zoey is estimated at 4 years old and has been with the shelter for 180 days. From what we know, she had a rocky start to life. Zoey was seized from her previous owner after she was left to fend for herself for several days. She arrived very skinny and scared, but has always been extremely sweet and loving! Despite this disappointing beginning, she has transformed into a happy, active dog! Zoey loves kids and other animals. She would really thrive in a home where she can get plenty of exercise and have playmates to keep her going. Zoey is loving and deserving, and will make her adopter very happy!




Giving Back
to our
Marion Community

Olaf is a young, active, happy-go-lucky dog! He enjoys running and playing in our exercise yards! He seems to really enjoy kids, cats, and dogs, and would make such a wonderful family dog. He would do well with another dog in the home to entertain him! When he is exercised and able to focus, he sits really well!

Almost 2 years old, neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations and monthly preventatives!





Doodles and Doxies has partnered with "Marion Animal Humane Society" and we have committed to sponsoring the adoption fees of one pet per month! We will showcase that pet here and encourage you to support their efforts in finding homes for the unwanted.

You can text 740-341-0000 to apply for this dog

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