Along our journey, we have tried many products that work for our doodles and doxies....and many that haven't. That can get expensive! We decided to share what works for us with you! Click the buttons below to go right to the link for purchasing! We are affiliated with Amazon, and your purchases do help put a dollar or two back into our fund for more treats! :) 

Coat Supplements

Fish Oil Supplement

 Bath Spray

Ear Care 

Blow Dryer Brush

Dog Shampoo

TLC Dog Food

TLC Puppy Food

pet bed.jpg

36" Plush Dog Bed

pee pads.jpg

Puppy Pee Pads

collar leash set 2.jpg

Leather Leash Set

Comfortable Harness

Training Treats

Dental Treats

36" Plush Dog Bed

36" Plush Dog Bed