Out-crossing is the key to health and an important element in our breeding program. We do not line breed. We cross breed unrelated dogs - either starting with AKC registered purebreds to establish our F! lines, breeding our F1 lines back to AKC Poodles, or sometimes crossing Doodle to another Doodle.  Our program started in 2018 with Goldendoodles, and has organically grown to offer a limited range of options for other doodles: Irishdoodles, Bernedoodles, Sheepadoodles, and Pyredoodles. 


My doodles live indoors around typical house noises such as vacuuming, washer, voices and other dogs both large and small. 5 children means that no puppy gets left behind.:) We constantly hold, play, walk, run, and explore with them! 

They will weigh 50-60 lbs unless and occasionally larger, unless otherwise stated. They are vaccinated and wormed at an appropriate age. 

Baxter & Bella Training and ENS (early neurological stimulation) is initiated from the time they come into this world and of course they are started on housebreaking, crate training and learning new commands, all before they leave our world for yours. 


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