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Breed: Mini F1b Goldendoodle

CKC Registered

Color: Chocolate Merle

Hair: low shed, Wavy

Weight: 28 lbs

Temperament: Silly but our alert dog. Wary of strangers and loyal/protective with our family.

Reese was tested and cleared of all genetic diseases by Embark for both Golden Retriever and Poodle.



Breed: F2 Goldendoodle

CKC Registered

Color: Deep Red

Hair type: Thick flat coat, moderate shed.

Weight: 65 lbs

Temperament: shy and quiet, a true princess by nature! Regal,

doesn’t like to get her paws dirty. Carries herself with class and has a true retriever’s

gentleness about her.

Annie was tested and cleared of all genetic diseases by Paw Print Genetics for both Golden Retriever and Poodle.




Breed: F1 Goldendoodle

Color: Apricot/Medium Red

Hair type: Soft and silky wavy coat with furnishings on her face, and low shedding.

Weight: 60 lbs

Temperament: Our "Velcro Dog". She has to be wherever we are, and mourns our absence. Super sweet with our kids, and generous in giving FULL hugs. Waist-gripping and all. :) Rizzo lives with her Guardian Family, close by in Delaware, OH!

Rizzo was tested and cleared of all genetic diseases by Paw Print Genetics for both Golden Retriever and Poodle.



IMG_2535 2.JPG

Breed: F1b Mini Sheepadoodle

Color: Blue Merle

Hair type: Curly

Weight: 22 lbs

Temperament: Adores her humans, big and small. Goofy, loves to play with puppies. She's the "fun Aunt" of our program. ADORES puppies and "practices" being a mom occasionally with her toys, ha! We can't wait to see how well she does with her babies!

Stella has been cleared of all diseases on her panel from Embark. She resides in Reynoldsburg in the guardian home with Piper!



Breed: F1B Miniature Goldendoodle

Color: Blue Merle (Black, Silver, Gray)

Hair type: Silky soft with the laziest curls

Weight: 30 lbs

Temperament: Submissive by nature, a genuine follower. Goofy, loves to play with children, can entertain you for hours with her antics.

Piper has been cleared of all diseases offered by Embark and Wisdom Panel. She resides in Reynoldsburg, OH with our good friends, the DiFilippantonios.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK



Breed: 100% AKC Registered Miniature Poodle

Color: Phantom Chocolate and Tan, carries Parti

Hair type: Silky soft curls

Weight: 20 lbs

Temperament: The sweetest girl in our home. She's a peace keeper. She gets along with everyone, always offers a wag of her tail.

Trudy has been cleared of all diseases offered by Embark. We expect her to be ready for her first litter fall of 2022.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK



Breed: AKC Registered 100% Bernese Mountain Dog

Color: Traditional Tri-color, Black-Tan-White

Hair type: Luscious and silky, long.

Weight: 85 lbs

Temperament: "Bull-in-a-China-Shop". Her stub of a tail (docked due to "Happy Tail" as a pup) never stops wiggling. She is bold, sweet, stubborn, and a foodie. She will do anything you ask for a snack. She's my daughter's best friend, and enjoys roaming our property more than being indoors at times!

Lady has been genetically cleared with Embark, and will be the mother to our Medium Tri-Colored Bernedoodle line this Fall.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK



Breed: F1B Reverse Sheepadoodle (66% Old English Sheepdog)

Color: Peppered Black and White

Hair type: Silky with soft curls that never shed

Weight: 50 lbs

Temperament: Quiet and gentle with our family, and definitely the protector of our property! She's wary of strangers, and also independent. :) LOVES to snuggle with humans, but thinks all dogs are beneath her. :)

Quinn has been tested and cleared from Embark Genetics for our breeding program. She is 66% Old English Sheepdog, so paired with our poodle stud, her pups will still be a nice combination similar to F1B doodles.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK



Breed: F1B Medium Goldendoodle

Color: Creamy White

Hair type: Curly and soft

Weight: 45 lbs

Temperament: Zoey has more spirit in one paw than the other doodles in our program have in their whole body! She loves everything and everyone. She acts as if she doesn't have a care in the world, and anything you give her is ecstatically received.

Zoey lives in a Guardian home in Toldeo Ohio, and loves to come visit and hang out with us whenever she can! She has been genetically tested and cleared with Embark.

Genetic Panel: EMBARK



Breed: AKC Registered 100% Golden Retriever

Color: English Cream

Hair type: Straight

Weight: 55 lbs

Temperament: Maggie is a stubbornly sweet girl who lives life to the fullest. Gentle with the children in her life, and happy.

Maggie lives in a Guardian home in Ohio, and enjoys romping around the property with her bestie, Archie. She has been genetically tested and cleared with Embark.

Genetic Panel: EMBARK





Breed: F2b Medium Goldendoodle

Color: Apricot

Hair type: Wavy, silky and soft, non shedding.

Weight: 50 lb

Temperament: Maddie is our own product of Annie and Copper! We chose to keep her back based on her gorgeous silky coat that is wavy and non shedding! Her temperament is a lot like mom, very sensitive to the needs of her guardian family. She is a lover, with a shy side towards strangers. She is the emotional support dog they never knew they needed.

Maddie has been genetically cleared by her parentage through our program.

Breed: F1B Medium Bernedoodle

Color: Traditional Tri-Color

Hair type: Curly, non shedding.

Weight: 50 lb

Temperament: Marci is fun loving, with a mischievous stubborn streak. She's still living life in her puppy stage, and responds well to training.

Marci lives here in Columbus, with our extended family. We anxiously await her addition of Medium Bernedoodles to our program in 2022.

She has been genetically tested and cleared with Embark.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK




IMG_1959 2.heic

Breed: F1bb Mini Bernedoodle

Color: Chocolate Phantom

Hair type: Wavy-Curly, silky and soft, non shedding.

Weight: Estimated to be 25-35 lbs

Future addition, to be ready in 2024

Temperament: Phoebe is one of our own! Daughter to Trudy and Wally, she is the perfect combination to their personalities! She is goofy as they come, with a love for people and play! She has the silkiest coat, and it's getting curlier as she matures.

Genetic Profile: EMBARK pending, but cleared by parentage

Breed: F2b Reverse Goldendoodle

Color: Apricot/Red

Hair type: Wavy, with shedding

Weight: 55lbs

Temperament: Juniper is our product of Sadie and Brutus (both retired adults) We intentionally paired Sadie (F2) with our Retriever to produce a pup similar to Annie. We LOVE Juniper's results! She does shed, and only has 1 copy of furnishing, but when paired with a poodle she will produce beautiful babies with a curly coat, similar to F1. She is low-key, calm, with a stubborn streak. :)

Juniper has been genetically cleared by Parentage through our program.









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