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Dachshunds are clever, curious, amusing, lively and playful. They adapt well to new environments and are described as brave and affectionate companions.

They are devoted to their families and are good with older children. They’re also good with other pets when properly socialized.

As playful creatures, dachshunds are known to make a game out of almost anything. They will play with curtains, shoes, your vacuum cleaner, a toy ball, and even their tails.

Because dachshunds are relatively small, you can easily bring them anywhere you go. You can walk them in the park or carry them on a road trip. You can even bring them when you go fishing or surfing! As a travel buddy, they are a joy to watch as they also explore and goof off in new places.

With all that said, Dachshunds can be difficult to train, including house-training. It takes a lot of patience and consistency during the first several months as they try to sneak around your rules. They are stubborn but can be successfully housetrained...eventually! :) A lot of their success WILL depend on you.

We choose our dachshund parents based on the goals we have set in our program. We naturally lean toward chocolate based dachshunds, though we have branched out to add a few other color options. While we are genetically testing for their coat, we are also checking their health. IVDD is a very scary thing, and while we work to make sure we are choosing parents who check all our boxes, a lot of back problems can be PREVENTED with proper knowledge and foresight given to their environment. We will help remind you of the do's and don'ts when it comes to these short-legged, under-the-cover- lovers. :)


Black/Tan: $2600           

Solid Red or Black: $2600

ChocolateTan: $2700        

Piebald: $2800

Dapple: $2900

Cream: $2900

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