Package A:



Potty and Crate Training

  • Basic potty training - Puppy will have an established potty schedule, and should be 90% accident free when being monitored during the day and kept on a schedule. It's imperative that the schedule remains intact once you take over at 12 weeks. Consistency is key!

  • Basic crate training - Puppy will enter kennel on cue, sleep through the night a minimum of 6 hours in crate or relax during the day for up to 3 hours.

Package B:



Potty and Crate Training from Package A

Obedience and House Manners

  • Recognized a "positive interrupter" to disengage the puppy from undesirable behaviors.

  • Leash introduction - Puppy will calmly allow leash and harness to be put on. 

  • Cues (the following cues will be introduce and performed in a low distraction environment)​​: Name, Kennel, Come, Sit

Package C:




Potty and Crate Training from Package A

Obedience and House Manners from Package B

Recognize "off" command - lessens jumping off furniture

Leash walking - 30 minute walks and "heel" are introduced.


Healthcare and Grooming:

  • Regular baths & nail trims

  • Occasional fur trims around the puppy's face, feet, and fanny. Introduction to groomer clipper noises and sensations.

  • Up-to-date on vaccines up through 12 week shots (records to transfer to owner at time of puppy's arrival)


How it works:

After you have been approved and joined a litter list, you can opt to enroll your puppy in our puppy preschool program! Please notify us prior to your puppy's six week birthday if you would like to enroll your puppy in our four week preschool.

Price of training is added to the cost of your puppy. Balance for the full amount of training is due at puppy's six week birthday. Additional days can be added on for the rate $40/day to continue your pup’s one on one training with our expert trainer.


Your puppy will start training at 8 weeks of age, and complete training at 12 weeks of age.


Puppy will be living with our trainer 24/7 for 4 extra weeks.


Individual progress updates, report card, photos and a video update from our trainer every week.

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