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As Newlyweds 15 years ago, our first purchase together was a tweenie dachshund. I had no idea that this dog would convert me - now and forever convincing me that they are absolutely outstanding, amazing dogs.


I quickly realized that my dog was and genuinely wanted to be my best friend, companion, and partner. He never leaves the room unless we do. He’s a comfort when we are tired or sad. He’s a warm body when we are relaxing.

You will recognize and come to appreciate how adaptable the Dachshund dogs are to any circumstance - in or out of the house, up and down the road, in the barn, along for car rides, you name it.

Our next furry addition to the family was a golden retriever. The retriever calmness is a perfect mix to an active family. When we were introduced to our first goldendoodle, we thought we hit the jackpot. I mean, retriever personality with curly hair and minimal shedding?? We were head over heels in love.

As we added children to our family, our fur babies proved their personalities over and over again. My dachshund stuck like glue to our firstborn’s side, even from infancy. Our Goldendoodles wrestle and play with my sons until my boys tire out first. At which point the Goldendoodles are content to become a comfortable pillow for downtime.

Wherever you want to go, these dogs are right there, ready to go with you.

They are full of personality, each their own.


Characteristic to each is loyalty - once you are bonded, they're stuck to you like glue.

...curiosity, intelligence, and enthusiasm, too....


Hunting, fishing, riding, farm work, horses, adventures, quiet time, cuddle-sessions, you name it. Whatever you're game for, they're game for.

They're excited and eager to participate in life with you, whatever it may bring or wherever it may take you.

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