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How It All Began

Our program started with the 2 breeds we love most. We raise Medium and Mini Doodles, as well as Mini Dachshund puppies in a very loving, comfortable, and healthy home environment with constant attention. Our puppies are given a great start. We carefully select wonderfully tempered, genetically sound, and health tested parent dogs to produce healthy, hypoallergenic, happy, social and adorable doodle puppies and personable, wiggly, cuddly, friend for life dachshunds. We started with Goldendoodles, but the doodle world is so versatile, there's always something for everyone. For this reason, we have slowly opened our program to allow other sweet temperament doodles. Our focus and concentration will always be to produce well rounded puppies that fit in with active families, or bring comfort to their owners. We are a full service breeder. This means we offer your pup as much socialization as possible before it leaves at 8 weeks old, but we can also provide additional training upon request from the 8-12 week mark.

The Doodles & Doxies Difference

Our pups are well handled, vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated, by the time they are ready to go. We work diligently starting at 3 weeks old to have them litter tray trained, and at 5 weeks old we put them on a potty schedule and start the housebreaking process for you.

We also believe it's important to start the crate training process during their time with us, so that when they are ready for your home, it's not a scary experience! We introduce crates at 6 weeks old in their puppy area, as a place of lounging and eating, and the occasional 30 min nap. At 7 weeks we start separating them into their crates at night to get used to not being with their littermates. This is a very noisy decision on our end for that last week, but feedback has been that our pups are not as upset to be crated in your new home as they would be otherwise left together as a pack up until the day they leave!

Our "Pets First" Promise

Our puppies are offered as “pet only” status. A spay/neuter contract is required for any puppy from our program unless approval is given to select breeders that meet our guidelines. We don't support casual breeding, or "breeding one time" scenarios. Breeding takes a lot of effort. Scheduling. Research of genes and bloodlines. Ruling out dogs based on picky standards. We don't give breeding approval to programs that keep their dogs outside. We are blessed with daily applications, and that allows us to HANDPICK the families that we want our puppies to go to!

We are an "in- home" breeding program. Our parent dogs live in our home, or in local "Guardian Homes" around our area. It's more work to keep our home clean, and the schedule is chaotic, but it's also more rewarding to have our family dogs where they belong, in loving homes and surrounded by humans who adore them.

Why Choose Us?

Our puppies ALWAYS start their lives in our home, surrounded by our family. They graduate to our renovated Puppy Nursery at 5 weeks old so they have more room to play and grow!

We recently got our LLC for "Doodles & Doxies", and we follow all state regulations when it comes to the care and wellbeing of the dogs that live with us. For this reason, we are obligated to charge Ohio State and Local tax of 7.25%. If you are picking up outside the state of Ohio, the state tax is not applied. This is always noted on your invoice in advance.

Our goal is to be the breeder that is always there for you, a text or phone call away, and a sounding board for encouragement and advice as you and your new furry family member grow old together. We have several of our puppies in the surrounding counties like Delaware, Lewis Center, Sunbury, and more. It thrills our soul when our pups get to come back to visit! We are on the web as a popular sheepadoodle breeder in Chicago, based on the review of our clients who live there! We take our role seriously and strive to be the best breeder you've ever worked with!

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