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Autumn + Buckeye

Mini Dachshunds

General Info:

  • Miniature Size: 9-13 lbs

  • Birth Date: February 12, 2024

  • Picking Day: March 23, 2024

  • Go Home Day: April 13, 2024

Autumn and Buckeye gave us a CHOCOLATE based litter! This litter is all longhair and offers 3 girls and 2 boys. One Girl spot is currently reserved and Picking order will be determined by the Reservation List. 

 Join the list today! 740-341-0000


​1. Amy Hirsch

​2. Open​

3. Open


​1. ​ Open​

2. Open

Litter Theme: "Bringing our "A" Game"


 Shaded Red Boy



Shaded Red with White Boy



Red + White Abstract Girl


7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies delivered by ground or flight nanny outside the state of Ohio.

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