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We are a strict pet only (spay or neuter required) program. We do occasionally work with other breeders that line up with our practices, so please reach out if you are interested in breeding rights for an additional fee. 


Black/Tan:  $2600  

Solid Red or Black:  $2600

(Can have small, abstract white marks)

Chocolate/Tan: $2700


(added abstract white marks to either Black/Tan or Chocolate Tan) 


Piebald:  $2800

(50% or more white + one other color


Dapple: $2900

Dapple Piebald: $3000

Cream: $2900

Cream Piebald: $3000

We currently do NOT offer Dilutes (Isabella or Fawn) due to the risk of Alopecia (hair loss with this particular color trend)


Medium Sheepadoodles: 30-55lbs

Black/abstract White: $2500

Tricolor: $2500

Traditional Black/White: $2800

Medium Goldendoodles: 30-55lbs

Solid Red, Cream or Apricot: $1900

Red/Abstract White: $2000

Parti: $2200 (lots of white)

Medium/Standard Bernedoodles: 

Phantom (Black/Tan): $2500

Traditional Tricolor: $2800

Merle: $3000

Parti:(50% white)  $2700

Mini Bernedoodles: 20-30lbs

Chocolate based: $2800

Mini Goldendoodles: 20-35lbs

Black/Abstract White: $2600

Phantom (Black/Tan): $2800

Parti (50% white): $2900

Chocolate based: $2900

Merle: $3000

Available Puppies

Puppies in this section will be 8 weeks or older and have been cleared by our vet to travel to their new home! Click on the name of the parents to be taken to the litter page for that puppy and their siblings.


You can scroll down to our "Current Litters" or "Upcoming Litters" sections for the latest updates of the puppies we are currently raising that are not old enough to go home yet. 



Princess Daisy


Current Litters

Any litters listed below are currently being raised, and will have their "Go Home" date reflected on the individual litter pages. You can click the link with our Parent names to be directed to the individual litter page with all their pricing and parent info. 

ONLY 1 boy left!

3 male spots left

Mini Dachshunds

We do our best to update our website with all the pics we take. However, you can always join our Facebook Page to see all the newest updates!

Current Litters

Click below to go to our planned litters for 2023

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies picked up or hand-delivered by our puppy nanny outside the state of OH.

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