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Pricing as of July 22, 2023: Base Pricing is for Male, Female +$200

We are a strict pet only (spay or neuter required) program.

Our contract is solid, with penalty fees associated with neglect to show documentation of spay and neuter by 1 year old, or by 18 months if approved with your vet.  We do occasionally work with other breeders that line up with our ideology and practices, so please reach out if you are interested in breeding rights and/or mentorship for an additional fee. 


Black/Tan:  $2600

Solid Red or Black:  $2600

(Can have small, abstract white marks)

Chocolate/Tan: $2700


(added abstract white marks to either Black/Tan or Chocolate Tan) 


Piebald:  $2800

(50% or more white + one other color


Dapple: $2900

Dapple Piebald: $3000

Cream: $2900

Cream Piebald: $3000

Our base price is for males, Females are +$200


Medium Sheepadoodles: 30-55lbs

Black/abstract White: $2500

Tricolor: $2500

Traditional Black/White: $2800

Apricot/White: $2800

Red, Cream Apricot Medium Goldendoodles: 30-55lbs

Solid (no other markings): $2100

Abstract White: $2300

Parti: $2500 (50% white)

Medium/Standard Bernedoodles: 

Phantom (Black/Tan): $2500

Traditional Tricolor: $2800

Merle: $3000

Parti:(50% white)  $2700

Mini Bernedoodles: 20-30lbs

Chocolate Tan Phantom: $2900

Tricolor: $3300 (white on face)

Parti Tri: (50% white): $3100

Mini Goldendoodles: 20-35lbs

Black/Abstract White: $2600

Phantom (Black/Tan): $2800

Parti (50% white): $2900

Chocolate Phantom: $2900

Chocolate based Red: $2900

Solid Chocolate: $2900

Merle: $3200

Our base price is for males, Females are +$200

7.25 % sales tax applies to all puppies picked up in the state of Ohio. The sales tax does not apply to puppies picked up or hand-delivered by our puppy nanny outside the state of OH.

Available Puppies

Puppies in this section will be 8 weeks or older and have been cleared by our vet to travel to their new home! Click on the name of the parents to be taken to the litter page for that puppy and their siblings.


You can scroll down to our "Current Litters" or "Upcoming Litters" sections for the latest updates of the puppies we are currently raising that are not old enough to go home yet. 

Teeny Turner was born 4/15/23 at 2:30 pm. She only weighed 5.5 Oz and was already the smallest in her litter. She had an unusual umbilical hernia from the start that sat higher on her chest than they normally are located. It was perfectly round and clear! The vet checked it the day she was born and assured us that it would likely hard up like an umbilical stump, and we agreed to just monitor her progress.

Sure enough, he was right. For the first four weeks of her life it hardened, and developed like smooth “scarred” skin. We were very pleased, but continue to monitor her because she was so small. She received extra feedings every day and grew daily, on her own growth track.

Around five weeks old when softened puppy food was introduced, her hernia ballooned out to be about the size of a small egg. This was extremely large, considering her body was so tiny. None of our local vets wanted to tackle the surgery bc the umbilical hernia sat so close to her diaphragm and the risk of needing a ventilator was too great. We reached out to "The Cove" in Delaware and Dr Dave Mathes agreed to take the case.

We took her in at six weeks old for an evaluation and was told that she would definitely need to have it repaired, but they wanted to wait until she weighed closer to 5 lbs.

We ended up, waiting until she was almost 12 weeks old for her surgery. The ultrasound the day of the surgery revealed that she actually had another internal hernia that allowed the lobe of her kidney to protrude into the pericardial lining of her heart. This was not going to be a normal surgery, and the price tag was extremely high at $3500. Compared to a typical umbilical surgery of around $500.

We stepped out on faith, started a go fund me for her, but agreed to surgery. She did better than anybody could’ve expected. She didn’t even need to get on a ventilator! They were able to tuck her kidney back into place, which allows the lining of her heart to heal on its own. They fix the internal hernia as well as removed her umbilical hernia. Her bladder was also attached to something which was pulling it higher than it should be so they amended that as well!

She came home with staples in her belly that needed to be removed after a month. She’s acted like nothing happened!! Teeny is full of life and energy, and brings joy to anybody who watches her play.

Now that she is healed from her surgery, and her staples have been removed, she is ready to start her new adventure as a pet for somebody who is looking to add spark into their life. Her adoption fee won’t even cover all the finances that we have spent to give her the best chance, but anything we receive from the go fund me will be applied to her adoption fee!

If you would like to give $5-$10 toward her adoption, you can do so here : Go Fund Me for Teeny


F1b Medium


Doodles and Doxies has partnered with "Marion Animal Humane Society" and we have committed to sponsoring the adoption fees of one pet per month! We will showcase that pet here and encourage you to support their efforts in finding homes for the unwanted.

You can apply for this dog here: Marion Area Humane Society



Giving Back to our
Marion Community

Doodles and Doxies has partnered with "Marion Animal Humane Society" and we have committed to sponsoring the adoption fees of one pet per month! We will showcase that pet here and encourage you to support their efforts in finding homes for the unwanted.

You can apply for this dog here: Marion Area Humane Society



Current Litters

Any litters listed below are currently being raised, and will have their "Go Home" date reflected on the individual litter pages. You can click the link with our Parent names to be directed to the individual litter page with all their pricing and parent info. 

No litters being raised at the moment, but we are planning a few due in October!

Click below to go to our planned litters for 2023

Current Litters

We do our best to update our website with all the pics we take. However, you can always join our Facebook Page or click below to follow us on Instagram to see all the newest updates!

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