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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

We are glad you are here! Our passion is dogs, and if given the chance we could talk dogs all day long!

Well. You've decided you wanted to add a furry friend to your family. Maybe you have neighbor who walks a fluffy and calm pet every day past your driveway...Maybe you work with someone who can't stop talking about their adorable doodle... Maybe a family member just created an Instagram account just for their Fido or Buster. Whatever the reason, your journey has led you here. To our Family.

“How do I avoid scammers?”

During the pandemic, all of America was stuck at home, and it was universally decided that the time was right to get a puppy. For this reason, good breeders had their waitlists filled quickly. Backyard breeders, puppy mills, brokers, and ole' Joe down the street decided that he'd make money off his unfixed female, and started posting ill-bred puppies on

Along with the burst of inexperienced breeders came the scammers. You know: the ones who create fake Facebook accounts, steal people's unwatermarked Instagram. photos, and tag the photo with every generic doodle hashtag they can think of. They usually have generic names like "Goldendoodles for sale", or "Mini Bernedoodles for adoption"...They ask for a deposit to hold your puppy, usually with Cash App, then they ghost you.

How do you know who is legit? I'm going to post a few tips for finding the RIGHT breeder for you.

1. Talk to the human.

You've found a beautiful picture of an adorable puppy, and the "breeder" says, message me. ASK for a phone number! Call them in person. I know, I feels awkward to talk to a stranger about buying something, but DO IT. :) The most important thing is to find a breeder that you WANT to work with. One that will communicate with you. Whats a better way of seeing their communication skills than with a phone call?

2. Ask for a video chat.

In today's technology world, there's NO reason why a breeder can't communicate with you in some sort of video chat. We have FaceTime (Apple), Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Instagram Video Chat, ZOOM chat, Google Chat.... you name it... with a little work, it can be done. If a breeder doesn't have this access, but they are selling online?? Let that sink in. You need to see these babies LIVE. It's SO easy for someone to screenshot another person's photos. Heck, scammers even contact breeders like us, ask us to see videos of OUR puppies, then when we share them, they use those videos to claim they have puppies to sell to unsuspecting victims. LIVE video is best.

3. Ask for referrals.

I realize that every breeder has to start somewhere. However, I strongly encourage you to find a breeder who can show you Past Puppies from the pairing you are inquiring about. If the litter is going to be a first time litter for their female, ask to contact past families to see how their puppies are doing, and their experience. Most breeders WANT you to see what they have produced. They are PROUD of the puppies they have sold in the past. If a breeder can't provide referrals that you can talk to? Run. Forrest. Run.

I'll stop there for now. These three tips will definitely weed out the scammers. They are good, but you can see through their facade if you are careful! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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